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"What You Always Wanted To Know About MILOfest - the Best Conference for Mac-using Attorneys - from the most well-known and highly respected experts in this field"

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During This Seminar You’ll Discover:

How MILOfest can keep you up to date on the latest tips and how to use Macs in your law office, for only a few billable hours.

The scary risks of falling behind technologically - and why MILOfest is the single best conference that experts both attend and contribute to so they can ENSURE this does not happen to them. Overlook this and you’re exposing yourself to getting behind like the majority of antiquated law firms (even though you ARE on Macs).

How to leverage technology to reduce bottlenecks in your firm and increase productivity; making a measurable financial impact on your profits.
The #1 business reason why the most well known and respected Mac-using attorneys come back to MILOfest, year after year.
Why running a firm on Macs without leveraging the best tools available gives you a false sense of IT productivity “Macs just work” - and what it REALLY takes to best use these Macs in your practice.
Who Should Listen?


Partners of law firms, solo practitioners and office managers who are concerned about: migrating from Windows to Macs, dealing with increasing complexity in a growing practice, learning more about Macs and the practice of law utilizing Macs, iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch, and keeping up to date on the legal technological aspects of running on a Mac-based practice.


This is of particular importance for solos and law firms who want to leverage technology and use it as a competitive advantage to stay on the cutting edge in their practice or that simply want to avoid falling behind since technology is now at the core of every business; if you stop thinking about it, you start to fall behind.


Here’s What Others Have To Say About MILOfest


"I have attended for the last 4 years and every year I pick up at least one new idea for our practice. When deciding to attend, I annually calculate the impact of the previous year's addition and weigh it against the cost of going (again I have attended the last 4 years)."


Mitchell Adel

Managing Partner

Cooper, Adel and Associates


"If I had not attended this event, I know we would not be all Mac-based, so I consider MILOfest very influential not only as to where we have been, but also what the future holds for our firm."

     Steve Senentz

     Office Manager

     Clarie Law Offices, P.A.

"Many jurisdictions now are moving to requiring tech knowledge- MILOfest is one of the sources if not the best source if you are on a Mac. The great connections to colleagues are invaluable and the presentations are first class."

David Gleason



     David Gleason 

     General Counsel

     University of Maryland




"We implemented several things that we learned directly from MILOfest last year (Atticus Practice Coaching, OmniFocus and GlobalMac IT) and I know these new solutions have been responsible for the significant growth in profits and our ability to grow our firm from 4 people (2 attys/2 staff) to 8 people (3 attys/5 staff) in less than one year."




     Jenny Stevens

     Attorney/Certified Mediator/Partner

     The Stevens Firm, P.A. Family Law Center